Fluorescence Illumination

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LDI Laser Diode Illuminator
  • • Configured for 7 wavelengths • Up to 1W of power per channel • Feedback controlled stability • Integral laser despeckling
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FuraLED Light Source
  • • Preconfigured & compact • Near perfect stability • Full LED ratiometric illuminator.

Fluorescence Detection

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OptoSplit II
  • • Dual emission image splitter • 1 or 2 images on a single camera • Large sensor (sCMOS) format
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  • • Engineered for super resolution quality • 2 cameras on 1 microscope port • Large sensor sCMOS format

Microscopes & Chambers

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Nikon Eclipse Ti2
  • • Groundbreaking FOV • Unsurpassed Nikon Optics • Intelligent Assist Guide
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  • • Light tight access ports for perfusion tubes & cables • True photon tight environment • Stable and clean imaging environment

Microscope Filters & Beamsplitters

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Chroma filters and mirrors
  • In sizes for all current microscope cubes (26x38x1mm for Olympus IX/BX or 25.5x36x1mm for Nikon, Leica and Zeiss)