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Our Goal

Our goal is to become a successful, controlled, quality focus lead company in the field of Nanotechnology which has strong and loyal customer base for the continuing growth and success.

Our cooperative values

We perform with integrity at all levels and continue to ensure corporate excellence through innovation and focused quality conscious efforts in all our ventures. We strive to play our role as a good corporate citizen, by serving the people and society, for a better tomorrow.

Our Services and Technical support

We are trained and hard working to deliver the finest products on time. We assure our service team is dedicated to certain technologies only, visionary and solve customer problems on time and we fulfill our promise of delivering the finest products to our valued customers.

Our Partners

Our technologies Partners are

Our Product and Technologies

• Bech top SEM, light and commpound Microscopy, Particle Analysis and Sample Preparation Tools

• Atomic Force Microscopy, Stylus and Optical Profilometry, NanoIR Spectroscopy.

• Thin Films by MBE, PVD, Thermal deposition, RF / AC / DC sputtering Characterized by using ESCA, Auger, SEM / FESEM etc

• Powders Characterization Techniques: Density, Pore Size, Surface Area, Chemisorption Water Vapor Sorption.

•(Gas Liquid Porometery, Liquid Liquid Porometery, Permporometery), Membrane and filtration testing , Membrane synthesis (film casting MEMCASTplus with temperature and without temperature option).

• Micro / Nano Indentation, Tribology, Modulus Mapping, DMA, In-Situ SEM and TEM Nano Mechanical Test Equipment, EDS, WDS, EBSD.

• Property Measurement Systems, VSM, SQUID, Spectroscopic Ellipsometers for Non-Destructive Thin Film and Bulk Material Characterization

• PECVD, PLD, ALD, MBE, MOCVD, RIE, DRIE, Sputtering, Probe Stations for Wafers, Circuit Boards, MEMS, Biological Structures etc

The Phenom Pro X All in One Desktop SEM

Watch the video below to learn more about this novel technology.

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