Attension - Optical tensiometers

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  • Advanced and versatile contact angle meter for highly accurate , 3D surface roughness
  • 3D surface roughness
  • surface and interfacial tension, and interfacial rheology
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Theta Topography
  • Innovative system capable of separating the effect of surface
  • roughness-corrected contact angles can be better compared with each other
  • roughness to the contact angle result
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Theta High Pressure
  • Convenient interfacial tension and contact angle
  • measurements at high pressures and temperatures
  • Developed to meet the needs in enhanced oil recovery research
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Theta Lite
  • Compact and accurate contact angle meter for simple measurements
  • It also measures surface and interfacial tension

Attension - Force Tensiometers

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Sigma 700/701
  • The outstanding versatility of Sigma 700 and 701 force tensiometers makes them suitable for research and development, industrial quality control, routine measurements as well as academic research
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Sigma 702
  • The Sigma 702 is a standalone force tensiometer that provides accurate surface and interfacial tension measurements, manual determination of CMC and density measurements.
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Sigma 702 ET Transformer Oil Analyzer
  • The Sigma 702ET Transformer Oil Analyzer is a standalone force tensiometer that provides accurate surface and interfacial tension measurements.
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Sigma 703 D
  • Sigma 703D is a simple and robust digital force tensiometer for accurate measurement of surface and interfacial tension and density.

QSense Range

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QSense Pro
  • The intuitive software makes it easy to program your measurements and leave the instrument unattended until the measurement and the automatic cleaning is finished
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QSense Analyzer
  • The QSenseĀ® Analyzer is a 4-channel system which increases the throughput and enables the evaluation of several parameters simultaneously such as pH, concentrations, substrates, etc.
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QSense Explorer
  • The QSense Explorer is a one-channel system with a removable flow module in which the sensor is placed. The flow module is easily placed in the measurement chamber and is kept in place by a magnet.
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QSense Initiator
  • In this instrument, the focus is on the basic functions and qualities of a QSense instrument; It produces QCM-D data with superior accuracy, has a robust design with controlled liquid flow and enables a wide range of experimental conditions.


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Langmuir & Langmuir-Blodgett Troughs
  • KSV NIMA Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett Troughs are used to fabricate and characterize thin films with controlled packing density.
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Nanoparticle Deposition
  • Coatings and thin films made from nanoparticles are gaining recognition and use in various products and applications including displays, sensors, medical devices, energy storages and energy harvesting.
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Dip Coaters
  • KSV NIMA Dip Coaters are fully automated and highly accurate thin film deposition instruments. They are optimized for creating effective coatings for example with nanoparticles